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Pissu Kanna mobile game is the first of its kind. Not only a game had been made based on a Sri Lankan YouTube icon before, this is the first role-playing action game developed in Sri Lanka by Sri Lankan developers. It’s action-packed, addictive and most of all, can be played by all ages!

The story of the game is based on Pissu Kanna’s most popular sketch – ‘හොරා (the thief)’. The player will get to play Kanna’s character to steal a very valuable monkey statue from a house. This mission is not easy at all with the rest of the characters in the house watching Kanna’s every move. If Kanna gets caught, the game finishes and the player will have to start over from the beginning. The objective is to finish the game within the shortest time as possible with less to none casualties.

During the gameplay, the player will be able to complete various hidden tasks which will then be added as achievements on their final score. This score is shareable on various social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The player also gets a chance to buy in-app purchases to change the character and to buy certain weapons. The game can be played in multiple ways and the player will find a different way each time they play it. This will make the player keep on coming and enjoy the absurdity of the gameplay.

Meet The Developers


Isuru Edirisinghe

With a crazy passion for Game Development, Isuru has been a self-taught Game Programmer since 2008, and is a Software Engineer by profession. He spends most of his leisure hours either playing games or brewing miniature games, and sometimes publishing them on Indie Game Marketplaces such as itch.io. Isuru approached Kanna over their mutual friend Vishva, proposing to make a Pissu Kanna fan-game, which in-turn became a venture to make the official Pissu Kanna game, under supervision of Kanna himself,  based on a game idea which he had planned for the brand for some time..


Menuka Amendra

Menuka did his bachelors at General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (BSc. in Management and Technical Sciences). His passion for Digital art led him to study more on that field experimenting on different styles of digital art. This made him and his friends to start a Digital Firm of their own. Pissu Kanna got to know about Menuka from the Fan art Menuka created for Pissu Kanna which later became Pissu Kanna’s official logo. Later on, this gave him the chance of joining the task of creating the official Pissu Kanna game by doing the graphics.

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